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Monday-Friday Open and Accepting Orders Saturday-Sunday Closed Still Accepting Orders

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Brea’s Wreath Galore Welcomes You

What is Brea’s Wreaths Galore ?

Brea’s Wreath Galore LLC is my small personally owned business where I create the perfect wreaths for any season, holiday, and a very often asked question, YES, I also accept custom orders.  I have a unique very different style that you will not find any where else! My wreaths are full and consist of plenty fun eye appealing items. For an additional charge I’m able to create a unique sign for your wreath at your request ! Also for an additionally charge, I now create bows as well. All singles colored mesh wreaths are starting at 40$ ( more than one color is an additional charge as it is an additional cost to me and additional labor) burlap start at $50 , prices may vary with cost of supplies. Now that you know a little about what I do, please, explore my site. I hope you find something you LOVE and also hope to be speaking with you soon so you can order with me. Thank you for your time.

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About The Owner 

Brea Porter

Since I started creating wreaths back in 2017, I have developed a great reputation as the best Wreath Creator in Greensburg! I’m easy to work with and work to my full ability to create what is requested. My goal is to create what you want and for your wreath to get you through multiple holidays and seasons , also , indoors and outdoors. I stand on my word, You will not be disappointed!

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Methods and Material

I have a wide variety of materials and methods.

There’s not just one way one material or method to use to create a wreath. What would be the beauty in that? Heck there’s different shapes and types of frames I can provide as well. I have deco mesh and burlap, wire frames or vine frames, I can use the bubble method also known as the poof or the roll method and more!
The Owners Tip : The Bubble Mesh & Burlap Method Holds Best Outdoors.

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Bubble Mesh or Burlap Wreath

These wreaths are highly recommended by the owner for outdoors. This technique holds strong and will keep for you to use more than just one year ( keep in mind how much the color is in sun ) Its bubbles will create the perfect pop for your neighbors and visitors attention! You can have one color two color AS MANY AS YOU WOULD LIKE !

The Roll Method 

This method makes things more fun in my opinion! The roll method makes it easier to incorporate more color to your with ! Also ribbon rolled into the mesh is very eye appealing. This technique goes perfect with fun things like pom poms and ribbon pipe cleaners and more. You will have the prettiest & most certainly one of a kind wreath on the block.


Vine Wreath Frames 

These wreaths frames are perfect for flowers and leaves. I use these a lot around the Spring and Fall time. If you like rustic theme you can’t go wrong with these frame! It can come in any color you want and holds signs.

Different Shape Frames

Feeling like having something no one else will? Then our huge selection of frames is just the thing for you ! I have everything down to Candy Canes for Christmas Witch Hats for Halloween Carrots for Easter or Hearts for Valentines Day! This are an additional cost as frames are additional cost but completely worth the uniqueness!


We create an extensive selection of quality products at our Wreath Shop.

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Brea’s Wreath Galore

My Extensive Exclusive Collection

I have the biggest range of products and I promise that you won’t be able to find somewhere to beat my low prices. Come on click and check it out today.

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All Store Bought Product

All of my products are store bought from local craft stores & others. I create some of my signs and bows per your request.


Have any questions about Brea’s Wreath Galore or maybe a special request? Get in touch with me, I’ll get back to you !


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