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Brea’s Wreath Galore

Where To Get Your Custom Made Wreaths 

Hello, my small business Brea’s Wreath Galore has a repetition for one of the best Wreath Shops in my city ! I create wreaths for all seasons, holidays , and YES custom orders. Contact me with inquiries!


About The Owner


I’ve made wreaths since 2017 and I thrive to uphold my great reputation. Crafts are my thing! I’m very dedicated to fulfill your order and master each and every project.


Methods & Material

Have Fun With Creating Your Wreath

There’s not just one way or type of wreath in my shop. What would be the beauty in that? Heck there’s different shaped frames I can provide!


The Bubble Method

The Owners Tip : The Bubble Method Tends To Holds Best For Outdoor Use. This technique holds strong, no fraying , and will keep hold in outdoor weather conditions. Keep in mind how much the color is in sun!